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Monday - Saturday: 12pm - 6pm

Sunday: 11am - 5pm



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The first espionage museum in the world


Finlayson gate and Media54 entrance next to the rapids are the best ways to get to the museum

Espionage has been a major factor in almost every part of society: in politics, econony, warfare, corporate and idealistic rivalry.

In the game of espionage, a single person or a technical device has the power to change the course of development and even the whole world more than official governments.

The map of the world would be very different without espionage. Although small gadgets and persons have pushed development where it benefits themselves the most, still your average school history book don´t mention people like Richard Sorge, who´s information was key in ending Hitlers winning streak. Or the Enigma cipher, breaking it´s code was vital for Europe.

So that the public would have a chance to get to know all these legendary characters with their methods and tools, the worlds first Spy Museum was established in 1998. And this happened in a country that´s been a busy field in espionage, because of it´s geopolitical and technological status.

The Spy Museum is open every day all year. In winter (September-May) we are open mon-sat 12am-6am, sun 11am - 5pm.


Special opening hours 6.8.2015

6Spy Musum is open 10am to 9pm. Welcome!


just listening?

KGB in hotel Viru

Everyone knows what the KGB did on the upper floors of hotel Viru...

A brand new Spy Museum Wall Calendar for 2014

An A3 size calendar with photos  of the museum's exhibition. Information and holidays in three languages: Finnish, American English and Russian.