Program for Children and school groups

More information about the programs available for children and school groups below.

Ways and Means

Guided Tour

The easiest way to get the most out of Spy Museum’s exhibition with a school group is the guided tour.

The ways and Means tour peeks inside the wonderous methods and gadgets used by real life spies in a fashion that is easily understood by children.

The museum can easily hold even a hundred people in it, however the maximum size of the guided group is 30.

The price of the guided tour is 70 € on week days, 90 € on weekends + admission.

Who did What??

Information phishing competition that introduces super spies to the children in a fun way. Duration approx. 40 min.

Price is 40 € + admission. Price includes a prize item the group can raffle among the best. When a school group reserves a program the price of admission is 5€ / person instead of normal 6€ / person.

Agent Test

The legendary Agent test is a good way to test your skills as a spy. The test measures spy skills in eight different tasks incl. cracking a code, using a gun, detecting a cache… The test is suitable for groups or you can come to the museum to do it by yourself. Every agent gets a diploma for their efforts that recommends the agent to a suitable organisation in the world. The test takes approximately an hour and costs 5 € + the entrance fee.