Bachelor parties

More information about the programs available for bachelor parties below.

Agent Test

The legendary Agent test is a good way to test if the planned marriage has any chance of being a successful one – as the happy couple is about to start the longest stake out of their lives. The test measures spy skills in eight different tasks incl. cracking a code, lock picking, nightvision… Everyone gets a diploma for their efforts that recommends the agent to a suitable organisation in the world. The test takes approximately an hour and costs 5 € + the entrance fee.

Lie Detector Test

The lie detector test has become a very popular program for bachelor parties. The lie detector we have in use is a stress analyzer  first made for terrorist hunt. The test has 15 questions. The group can decide if they want to make their own questions or they can mix up some of the museum’s default questions. One group member will be the one interrogating and analyzing the machine, others can keep an eye on the test subject and the information given by the lie detector. The lie detector test requires an operator from the museum staff. Your group will get a report of the test as evidence… or souvenir. Prior appointment is required.

The price of the test is 50 € / test + tickets.