The colorful and exciting twists in history and the underground activity of espionage should be brought into light

Even though small items and individuals have been able to set the course of development, normal school’s history books don’t tell about the likes of Richard Sorge, who’s intel made it possible to stop Hitler’s winning streak. Or the decryption of Enigma machine’s codes that saved Europe. The main exhibition of the Spy Museum is based on essential themes of worldwide espionage.

In the Spy Museum you meet
dozens of top spies and get
to know their fascinating stories

One’s motive is simply money, the other just happened to fall in love with the wrong person. Someone is driven to be an agent by a cause, another is just bitter, disillusioned and vengeful.

James Bond, agent 007, is a hero from spy novels, however he does have role models from real life. One of them was a real dandy who made his most interesting missions from Finland. In this case we are not talking about the author of the novels, Ian Fleming, even though he is present in the world map of spies – along with many other authors and journalists…