Spy Museum is located at Finlayson area in the centre of Tampere next to the rapid. Walk in to the Media 54 part of the building (first doors after crossing the rapid) and go down stairs to floor 0. You can easily get to the museum even in a wheel chair via elevator behind the glass doors on floor 1.


How to drive there and not get a headache?

Best way to reach Finlayson is to head straight to Satakunnankatu. From Satakunnankatu you have two easy options for Parking garages, Plevna and Frenckel. Busses and other larger vehicles should be parked or offloaded at the Northern end of Keskustori. You should avoid Hämeenkatu. It’s mainly prohibited for cars and Hämeenkatu has extensive repairs being done.


Winter  (28.8. – 31.5.)
Week (Mon-Sat) 12 – 18, Sunday 12-18.
Summer (1.6. – 27.8.)
Week (Mon-Sat) 10 – 18, Sun 12 – 18.

The Spy Museum is open every day throughout the year excluding a few bigger holidays.

Days closed on 2023:

1/1, 7/4, 23-25/6, 22-26/12

Adults 10€, seniors 8€
students 6€, children (6-17 v) 5€
Agent test +5 €
Guided tour 70 / 90 €

With a prior appointment we are also open outside normal hours.
You can make a reservation easily from this website.