Programs for business groups

More information about the programs available for business groups below.

Agent Night

Complete briefing about espionage as intensive course followed by the legendary Agent Test that measures spy skills in eight different tasks. Every agent gets a diploma for their efforts that recommends them to a suitable organisation around the world.

For groups max 30 persons, price 450 €. Duration ~2 hours.

Guided Tour

The easiest way to get the most out of Spy Museum’s exhibition is the guided tour. The museum can easily hold even a hundred people in it, however the maximum size of the guided group is 30.

The price of the guided tour is 70 € on week days, 90 € on weekends + admission.

Private Occasion

It is possible to arrange private occasions in the museum after the normal opening hours. It is possible for maximum of 150 people to be in the museum, however in that case the museum experience is not in any case optimal.

For private occasions contact us via e-mail and together we will build up a working occasion for your group.